Using the data

February 27, 2011

Having had all the fuss about getting open data out of government, which has been partially successful, I’d already been aware of OpenlyLocal keeping track of what was going on. Now there’s a new site on the block that is attempting to get work done on and with the data, it’s called ‘making a difference with data’.

Its site design is by Boilerhouse, which is the consultancy behind Vicky Sargent (well done Vicky), who plays such a part in Socitm‘s branding and PR, so it’s fairly attractive and well laid out. There’s also a good range of commentators including Michael Cross, a freelancer possibly best known (at least to me) as a long running observer on e-government and government IT in the Guardian.

I think this site is important since, as Vicky will understand,  with staff reductions in government there will be limited resources to produce anything from open data, let alone produce the data. So, it has to be seen that the production of the data is of value to the citizen, and that may only come from there nationally being tools to use on the data made available and to confirm transparency.


Complaints advice

May 25, 2009

I’ve mentioned Professor Bob Johnston before but it appears he’s also a favourite of the Institute of Customer Service.  Based upon his research they’ve published some brief guidance upon how to best manage them. They’ve also published various reports commissioned by them from researchers such as Bob.

There are some words of wisdom such as:

“A complaint is a gift and you should consider yourself lucky that a customer is prepared to give up valuable time to help you improve your organisation.”

“One can learn so much about problems with internal processes, training, specific employees/managers, and product – free”

“Do you have a continuous culture? Do you check customer (and employee) satisfaction regularly?”

There’s also a comment here from Vicky Sargent who does much work on the web metrics side of Socitm – she’s seen councils where monitoring feedback makes a difference to their services!