The social medium

May 8, 2011

Steve Ressler, founder of GovLoop, might have some self-interest involved when he tries to promote the use of social media in government in a piece in Government Technology, but he’s still very correct in a couple of his five points to avoid.

Blocking use rather than setting guidelines can be a big mistake as “when Goldman Sachs invested $500 million in Facebook stock while its own analysts were blocked from the site and couldn’t do research on the company”.

Another good message from Steve is  “think of it in terms of economic development — a forward-thinking digital government is attractive to growing employers and the creative-class workers they’re trying to recruit”.

There are still lots of councils and government bodies blocking social media and too few with a well thought out policy on using it.

Measuring and Capturing Value of Government Communication

February 15, 2011

Steve Ressler and Scott Burns have made available an interesting presentation they did on the topic of ‘measuring and capturing the value of government communications’ at a GovDelivery event. As one would hope the presentation is focused upon outcomes and presses that button rather than the forced channel shift we are hearing so much about in the UK.

In the UK some central government agencies, along with a few local authorities, are now using GovDelivery to assist with their communications. I’m not sure in these days of budget cuts and less than 100% Internet use that this product is the be-all and end-all but recognising that people, not technology, are the ultimate target of government services is a welcome relief!