Model network

August 23, 2011

A white paper is available from mlltelecom, through their sponsorship of the Guardian government computing feature. The paper is entitled ‘Building Security and Cost Savings into Shared Networks for Local Government – Transformational Network Models‘.

The most surprising thing about the paper is that I nowhere saw mention of the Public Sector Network (PSN). Since recent days have seen the joining up of networks at Kent, Hampshire and elsewhere under the banner of PSN, I am most surprised. The paper itself talks sense about the value to be gained from unifying networks but nothing different to what has been discussed at the various meetings I have attended regarding PSN. In fact the Guardian web site of 22 August goes so far as to day that PSN has reached the tipping point.

Yes, the public sector does have to look to newer technologies to ensure security on the networks to be shared, but that is obviously being done, and acknowledging a national network makes it even better and easier to get standards accepted, if longer to get them agreed.