Reasons to be cheerful

November 11, 2009

The latest Computer Weekly (10 November 2009) pointed me to a review of a presentation at the G2010 conference. Not having an enormous budget and being situated in rural North Yorkshire, I’m loath to spend my limited time and equally limited budget on lengthy rail journeys to conferences “down south” and so frequently miss out. However, on this occasion William Heath has been videorecorded and I actually spent 15 minutes watching the 24 minutes and 39 seconds of it!

Incidentally, Paul Canning was also one of the speakers and I noticed Martin Greenwood of Socitm Insight twiddling his thumbs during William’s presentation.

Whilst the core of William’s presentation was about personalising web services in order to improve data quality and services, he did build a little history of the failure of egovernment and transformational government in the UK. I agree with his conclusion of hubris for the vast waste of money over the last ten years, but focusing on the Internet or social media as so many people at the conference were will not improve services for a large minority of citizens, the digitally excluded.

One of his claims was that the government promise of 100% government services being delivered electronically by 2005 was withdrawn in 2004, something I don’t recall, having had to keep my nose to the grindstone well into 2006! Anybody remember such a recall?