Community development

September 16, 2010

One of the organizations influential in my thoughts about e-government since I started thinking about it around 1998 has been the Community Development Foundation, an offshoot of what is currently the Department for Communities & Local Government, so how long they have to live in the financial climate I’m not sure? At the time I read and found useful “New Connections: joined-up access to public services” by Kay Holman, which they published in 1999 when I was doing an MA and I quote it again in my dissertation.

However, although they are not what one would describe as an ICT or e-government policy organization, they have produced some sensible reports around empowering local communities, and thus the application of ICT. A new publication from them “Town halls in a post-bureaucratic* age” by Thomas Neumark continues this trend as a 20 page PDF.

This is not another cry for social media or e-democracy but a rational proposal for public involvement through the representative system. It lists the what successful culture change consists of and warns of the points for failure, and essentially that is it. This is applicable to any change in public service delivery inside or outside government, by electronic means or other.

Ignore these “lessons from practice” at your peril!

* I’ve picked up on the term post-bureaucratic in another recent post!