How to

June 5, 2011

My thanks go to Rachel Flagg the Co-Chair, Federal Web Managers Council in the USA who posted on the W3C e-government Interest Group about is managed by the U.S. General Services Administration and the Federal Web Managers Council. It has evolved from (a site focused on managing US Government websites), and offers resources to help American government agencies manage not just websites, but ALL customer contact channels.

I’d posted, in response to the same question that Rachel was answering, the recent report from Socitm that focused on the good work at Councils like Surrey and Kirklees in the UK. Unfortunately,  Better served: customer access, efficiency and channel shift, isn’t free although I suspect anybody with enough nous will be able to find presentations from the above named councils on the WWW. The other alternative is to pay, or borrow a copy from a Socitm member!

We’re finally starting to see that channel shift can only be arrived at by managing all channels.