Re: Pete but not a repeat!

April 29, 2008

What a coincidence, just as Pete suggests a pilot, the following report gets published, which actually suggests doing something but wouldn’t it be nice if they piloted it for the rest of us or ran a couple of differing pilots and took up the most successful.

Parliament has today published the Committee of Public Accounts  report on Government on the Internet: Progress in delivering information and services online (16th) HC143

A fascinating document, especially if one reads the committee proceeds at the back!
Two of the key conclusions, from my view –

16% of government organisations have no data about how their websites are being used, inhibiting website developments.

The Government does not know how much it is saving through internet services, nor whethere any savings are being redeployed to improve services for people who do or cannot use the internet.

The Committee has requested improvements for the future but as the dialogue in the committee infers but not the recomendations, these need to bear in mind all channels.

But I’m not too concerned about satisfied customers, although that’s very nice, my thinking (as opposed to the perverse NI14 imagination) is to pick up the disatisfied, the unhappy, the failed customers and find out what pi**ed them off? Great, count the postives as well to get some sort of scale but concentrate on correcting the issues – a rotten ‘phone system, poor navigation on the web site or unhelpful opening times for the reception could affect a channel and if its a lower costing one, cost the council money.

Some of this type of work is being done by Govmetric (rol) as one example and one style, but the MP’s have now picked up on lack of metrics but lets not spend a lot of money doing something silly, lets pilot some well researched, straightforward methods>