The learning government?

December 23, 2010

Over on GovLoop on 20 December 2010 is an excellent post on how Air Canada has started learning from its customers.  The story is summarised in a few bullet points:

  • Engage with stakeholders where the stakeholders hang out
  • Listen to what their stakeholders have to say
  • Used that feedback to improve the service
  • Communicate with them in a direct and frank manner

Thanks for posting that case study folks! Exactly my Citizen Engagement Exchange Nov 2010 model!

Building the better web site

June 23, 2010

Not overly keen on performance measures, per se, but as a sometime contributor and member of GovLoop, I was intrigued by a recent submission on that very matter. It’s a presentation by Laura Wesley that I found quite interesting, especially since she appears to have  built up the concept with a deal of co-production.

I believe the presentation and theory worthy of wider discussion. It’s a topic that’s been frequently discussed on the IDeA Communities of Practice and other forums but seems to have dried up a bit recently…

Although the GovLoop site is mainly for US public workers they are very welcoming of those from the UK, so give it a visit you may find it interesting.