Great E-mancipator II

April 20, 2009

In April 2008 I started my detailed research by posting a questionnaire to record any usage of satisfaction, along with trying to obtain an initial view of the status of avoidable contact in the context of National Indicator 14. The results were as I suspected, but, to some extent, there was a lot more support for measuring citizen satisfaction than I’d imagined. There was also a general lack of awareness by practitioners of all the academic and private sector work that had been going on in the background around engaging with customers or citizens.

A year has gone by since the original survey and time for a refreshed one! I’ve learned my lesson about using Google, its a great application but blocked at many authorities. I’ve also tried to avoid some of the verbosity, but when operating in an academic environment semantics and ethics are all important, so there are some constraints.

Its still only a brief questionnaire, taking ten minutes at the most to complete, so please allow for all the ethical paraphenalia and respond. I’ll report back in an ongoing fashion through the blog and other forums, along with adding it to the academic output.

The survey is available above.