Healthy cloud

April 17, 2011

I blogged a few years ago about President Obama receiving more than 1000 faxes per day and at least one reader was amazed. In the Economist of April 2nd 2011 there was a piece about digitising the US health records and serving them through the cloud. In the piece there is the mention that “the average American doctors’ surgery still handles 1,000 faxes a day. It also notes that one reason for the delay in moving to the cloud is the “reflexive conservatism and technophobia of medical folk”. I don’t think the technophobia applies to those I know in the UK, even the GP practices, but there does seem to be little standardisation across the country and I suspect the Lansley plans might make this even worse.

However, as creeping privatisation enters the UK health market no doubt the cloud delivery of health data will follow?


Off target?

May 14, 2009

The latest Vanguard News – May 2009  contains a link to a report in the Economist of 10 May 2009  about the failure of performance targets and comments that “It is good on the problems but not so good on what we should measure”. The Economist report is actually based upon an academic study (Ordonez et al, 2009, Academy of Management Perspectives) that has been reproduced in a number of places, including this one at the Wharton Business School.
Perhaps until we come up with an answer for this perennial issue that government will swallow, we will be plagued with targets? I think they have to take trust onboard and witness successful lean change for themselves…

The matter of targets was also jumped on by the editorial in the current edition of ‘Public Sector Executive’ (March/April 2009) under the title ‘Death by a thousand targets’, so we are not alone.


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