World Wide Web Consortium

February 18, 2009

If you thought nothing much went on at W3C in relation to e-government you’d be sadly wrong. Churning away in the background is the e-government Interest Group which has produced amongst other things a list of up-to-date international reports relating to e-government available at:

Another very recent report is the 240 page one done by Deloittes for the EU – STUDY ON USER SATISFACTION AND IMPACT IN EU27

The report is basically the preparation for a more detailed study but is testing the instruments (i.e.surveys) to be employed in the bigger exercise. Perhaps, unsurprisingly, the main outcome is that  home users lag behind business users, along with the fact that measuring ‘satisfaction’ is not straightforward, perhaps one of the reasons I’ve started looking towards collecting dissatisfaction.


Public Value, Social Capital and other fun metrics

March 15, 2008

In the course of my study of the literature I have had to consider some other ways of measuring the value of electronic government. One of the terms that has been used in recent years is Public Value and a document on the Cabinet Office web site by Kelly, Mulgan & Muers provides some background to this:

Another term is Social Capital, but this is possibly even more difficult to measure, as a review of the literature by the Office of National Statistics demonstrates:

Hence my reason for wanting to examine ‘satisfaction’  versus ‘dissatisfaction’, with explanatory comments for success or failure in service delivery and hence as a means of improving channels!