June 5, 2008

Yesterday I was at an ESD-Toolkit TLC meeting (Electronic Service Delivery Toolkit Toolkit Learning Community) apart from the healthy debate over NI14 (thank you Bob and others), there was also some chance to discuss customer satisfaction and insight. Tony Hinkley dropped a name that I was unto unaware of – Robert Johnston of Warwick Business School – so I will now spend the next month reading his uncollected works – shed loads of stuff on satisfaction, complaints, service excellence etc, so I will try and summarise some on here – but there is a lot of it! Many thanks Tony (and Bob for writing it all).

The other big news this week was the launch by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) of the eGovernment Interest Group. There is also a forum there. Lots of potential to debate the Web 2.0 and the future! 


Satisfaction is high on the agenda!

January 21, 2008

Not only are there documents from the Cabinet Office about ‘customer satisfaction’ but these seem to coincide nicely with ones being produced by the Local Government Association (LGA) and the National Consumer Council (NCC).

These can be found in the LGA’s document store.

The Improvement & Development Agency (IDeA) and Local Government Association have also commisioned a review of approaches to satisfaction, which is an interesting addition to the literature about fairly complex methods.

This all ties in with an article by David James in the New Statesman supplement of 21 January 2008 on Innovation and Change, entitled ‘Listening to the Customer’, where he states:

‘Nobody knows customer needs better thanthe customers themselves and by aggregating their views, customer-centric innovation emerges.’

This is reinforced in the same supplement by Simon Parker of Demos stating in an article about local government that:

‘The cutting edge is all about using the experiences and insights of the public as a spur to redesign services.’

None of which, in my opinion, will come from performance indicators but rather from proper channel managment based upon customer feedback (good and bad)!