The ‘invisible hand’ writes on…

September 24, 2008

Owen, another member of the W3C eGov IG  responded to a mail of mine there that:

” Having discovered CCSR as a result of your message, I converted its “aims” (goals) and objectives to StratML format for inclusion in our collection at or, more specifically,

Googling for CCSR’s site also prompted me to discover CPSR. Their goals, objectives, and values are now documented in StratML format as well:

They are the 361st and 362nd plans indexed in Mark Logic’s StratML search service prototype — — in
which they, respectively, rank:

    1st & 8th of 97 on the term “social”
    1st & 5th of 121 on “responsibility”
    200th & 4th of 205 on “technology”
    NA & 1st of 46 on “computers”

The prospective purposes of StratML are outlined at Under the auspices of AIIM, we aim to establish it as an international voluntary consensus standard for potential use by all organizations worldwide, as well as individuals who choose to take *responsibility* for leading mission/goal
directed lives.  AIIM’s StratML Committee page is available at
In light of their missions, it would be good if CCSR and CPSR could play roles in helping to specify and foster widespread usage of the StratML standard.

BTW, the eGov IG’s plan is also available in StratML format, at, and the use case I drafted for the IG’s consideration is at Also included is the plan of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA:  
It would be good if organizations like CCSR, CPSR, and the eGov IG could partner with organizations like NAPFA to ensure that government agencies are making readily available (in XML format) the information citizens need to understand and be held accountable for not only their personal responsibilities but also those their governments are imposing upon them.”

Whilst Owen in the USA promotes the NAPFA perhaps the Power of Information lobby might like to consider this?

Tagging one’s potential resources as one identifies them seems a constructive exercise – any takers?

Owen has also pointed out to me the Web Content Managers Council and I thought another view of metrics is always welcome – – its big, its commercial and its not what I’m looking for! But thanks all the same Owen!