Opening government

May 25, 2011

Another post on GovLoop leads to a different string of documents, websites and blogs providing practices and information about transparency and communications with citizens.

The various sites are:

Road Map for the Digital City – Achieving New York City’s Digital Future, a 10.8Mb download of 65 pages outlining NYC’s plans for open government following a 90 day exercise of investigation. The NYC use of crowdsourcing was reflected on in April 2011.

Canadian Cloud – similarly  a 2Mb PDF from Canada outlining their plans for government cloud.

A source of some of this information is Neil McEvoy’ open government blog.

A somewhat different approach to open data is proposed in Beth Simone Noveck’s book on ‘wikigovernment‘ – along article by the author appeared in Democracy in 2008.

Add to that the news of the appointment of Mike Bracken as the Executive Director of Digital Efficiency and Reform Group, Cabinet Office, which may prove interesting with his background at the Guardian and MySociety. One thing it really ensures is that conversation at the ERG will be all about football…