Brave old world

January 11, 2011

Some will consider the less idealistic view that the Great E-mancipator sometimes displays around e-government and e-democracy unfortunate for one whose role can be to employ such tools. However, I have recently found that my approach has support in other quarters. A book review by Bryan Appleyard  (and perhaps Bryan should maintain his website?) in the New Stateman of January 10, 2011 of a book by Evgeny Morozov, entitled “‘The Net Delusion: How Not to Liberate the World“, would appear, along with the text reviewed to be in sympathy. The review in the Guardian of January 9, 2010 manages a quote by Morozov on the matter of his native Belarus, that might perhaps echo around the world: 

 “no angry tweets or text messages, no matter how eloquent, have been able to rekindle the democratic spirit of the masses, who, to a large extent, have drowned in a bottomless reservoir of spin and hedonism, created by a government that has read its Huxley”.

It is important to remember that no technology has, can, or ever will improve society as a whole, without the cooperation of those in power, or the direct action of those without. Technology is but the yeast to the bread of a better society. 

Morozov is also delivering a public lecture at LSE, London on 19 January 2011.