Scorecards, systems, Canada and Australia

June 14, 2008

Researching further following my interest in seeing ‘Systems Thinking’, ‘Balanced Scorecard’ and customer satisfaction all join up I found that the view that scorecard and systems thinking are different paradigms isn’t universal. One example was in an online article called Performance Measurement and the Balanced Scorecard by Dr. Kenneth M. Macur, CPA and Marcia Daszko.

As a former student of Deming I imagine Dazko knows the subject and hence don’t feel too far off the mark. This has also been supported by finding another blogger with a view on web metrics, a  topic that is attracting developing interest in the UK. Clive’s blog is here.

Mary Tetlow supported my argument about Canada being a better model on the IDeA community discussion around the place survey, others like Australia as an e-government model, so lets stop importing ideas from the USA and look at other former colonies, with similar political structures.