December 11, 2011

According to CivicSource the Commonweath of Virginia, in cooperation with Microsoft, have created an Advanced Health Care Directive Registry This appears to me to be an additional use for Mydex in the UK. Having discussed with William Heath on and offline for around two and a half years the case for a secure nest for personal data, away from the clutches of the state, this appears to be a perfect way of replicating what is happening in Virginia and providing a very useful social function. The Virginian database also holds records regarding organ donation wishes, which would put all such information in one place for the health professionals.

Too often people put their personal wishes regarding death and dying in their wills (which aren’t read until they’re dead and buried). If someone has no wish to end their life in a round of resucitation, who is to tell the doctors? If a simple way can be provided, and the health professionals can be made aware of it, why not hold it securely online?