Facing our Future

I normally try to avoid reflecting upon examples from the USA since I consider the governmental structure so different from that in the UK compared with Canada. However, one example caught my eye from New Jersey in NJ.com, which led to the source material on the Council of New Jersey Grantmakes web site.

The first source describes the use that Morris County in NJ is making of social media in emergency planning. I know a number of UK local authorities have made similar inroads into social media for this purpose, but this is also identified as a shared service, and a number of key benefits are highlighted.

The source of the first article was the report by the Council of New Jersey Grantmakers entitled ‘Facing our Future’, which sought to identify options for the provision of services whilst facing the reduction of incomes in public services in the future. Since the UK is in the same boat and has the same challenges I though it beneficial to bring attention to the report.


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