Since I’m now preparing to leave my job, having placed my head on the block of voluntary redundancy*, I need to tidy my life. Having worked for my current employer for a long time I have accumulated a lot of paper but regular office moves have ensured that this has been reduced occasionally; however I can’t say the same for my Inbox. As fast as I’ve unsubscribed from spam email I find others are spamming me and it became quicker to delete rather than ask to unsubscribe.

Now, I feel I have to unsubscribe to leave my remaining colleagues with as little crud as possible to dig through, so am actively unsubscribing, and what a pain it is. First, find the reference to ‘unsubscribe’ in the email – they can be anywhere, frequently displayed in some ludicrously small font and near invisible colour, if it’s there at all. Then, click on the link and, if it works, try and work out the different options so one doesn’t end up subscribing to even more spam email.

Now I don’t always mind ‘cold calls’, and I don’t always object to spam emails – frequently a new product or service that may be of use one day but what I do object to is the difficulty one has to go through to get them to cease and desist. I’m just glad I started this project in early January so that I might have it all done by 31 March 2012…

* any offers of employment gratefully received, my CV and contact details can be found on the About Me page


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