One Response to Rescuing policy

  1. In Ontario, PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT mechanisms already exist. They generate metrics to inform and feed back responsiveness in delivery of public educaton and community health care.

    • INTERNATIONALLY recognized by McKinsey & Co, Ministry of Education – Parent Reaching Out grants are microfunds available to help parents learn how to help their students have better school success.

    In July 2011, Minister of Education Hon. Leona Dombrowsky affirmed that where the grants execute in schools, literacy and school success metrics improve — especially in areas of high settlement and low income. Read more here:

    • VOLUNTEER community boards inform the direction of services delivered by Community Health Centres to nimbly respond to client-focussed health and wellness issues, including demographic and culturally sensitive ones. This improves timely access to both cure, therapy and prevention,

    In Toronto identified “priority” neighbourhoods where Community Health Centres are co-located proximate to the high-settlement / low income populations served by Model Schools for Inner Cities, student education outcomes are seen to steadily improve since 2006 rollout with correlating improves to socio-economic status.

    Co-location of Community Health Centres proximate to underperforming schools is a prerequisite to anchor the success of Pathways to Education sites [].
    • In the earliest Pathways sites, as school outcomes improve and neighbourhoods have stabilized, community revitalization and the return of enterprise is underway. Using community boards, all sectors including residents are involved in Regent Park and Unison Village (formerly Lawrence Heights) redevelopment.

    Schools anchor neighbourhoods, attract talent, build prosperity.
    Catherine Soplet
    Member, Peel Poverty Action Group
    Advocate, the idea for “Citizen Apprenticeship”
    Building Up Our Neighbourhoods

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