Not rocket science

In a very informative post on the Customer Service in Government blog about Customer Service in British Columbia there are several lessons about how we do it wrong without really thinking about it, or is it because we just don’t think about it…

1. If you ask for feedback, present a summary when and how you say you will – if you are not going to feedback be prepared not to get any!

2. Don’t treat it as a short term project – if the citizen is being expected to expend time, be committed

3. Present the results within a reasonable timescale. Politicians can some times make this difficult, but if so, explain this too…

The post concludes that “Citizen involvement isn’t simple, but neither is it rocket science. An epic fail from what I can see.” As the author says its not rocket science. Imagine you are in the citizen’s shoes when you design these exercises – wouldn’t you want to know that someone was reading your feedback and actually doing something with it?


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