Evil crowdsourcing

In the supposed season of goodwill to all (bah-humbug),  what a better topic to deal with than ‘evil crowdsourcing’, a term I’ve lifted directly from the MIT Technology Review and an article entitled ‘Hidden Industry Dupes Social Media Users – Paying people to influence discussions in social media is big business in China and the U.S. published on December 12, 2011 by Tom Simonite. As increasing attention is paid by government to the content of social media, particularly in terms of improving services and developing policy (e.g. Crowdsourcing Closer Government Scrutiny), what more cynical suggestion could there be than that it is already being corrupted by people being paid to promote particular items. This is probably no worse than the old practice of prospective MP’s bribing the electorate with barrels of beer but to me it does rather ring of subliminal television messages or the tricks that Derren Brown plays upon people to make them think come up with the right answer!

So when collating your social media comments – beware!


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