Goss Social Media Survey

Goss Interactive, website CMS providers, have published a survey of Public Sector Digital Communications and Social Media, undertaken for them by Madeleine Sugden. It’s yet another small sample study of only 115 respondents covering local, central government and other publicly funded bodies – with responses mainly from middle-management plus some elected representatives, and I say that appreciating how hard it is getting responses to surveys, but it does impact on the value of any conclusions, if we are treating it as quantitative data.

For me, one conclusion was the effect of restrictive IT policies, identified by some 46% of respondents. I’m not sure if this is going down or not, but it needs to! I pointed out some years ago that public servants could not be expected to interact with citizens fully, if they were unable to experience or use the same channels. The report does highlight digital access and take-up in rural areas, although many rural areas also have different issues with an elderly population that is less interested in social media. Also notable was that the majority of respondents were unsure of the website budget which to me indicates either their limited involvement in e-matters or the detachment of the social media from the web medium, which other content supports since it was largely focused around public relations.

Some interesting content but limited coverage.


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