E-government Study 3

I recently foun out about the eGovernment MONITOR, published 2011 by the initiative of D21 and fortiss ipima, a collaboration of the Technical University of Munich and its affiliated institute.  The eGovernment Monitor was released on the 29 September 2011 as part of the Open Government Camp 2011, the survey has been compiled by questioning by TNS of 1,000 Internet users in four countries – Sweden, Britain, Austria and Germany.

According to the report only 40 percent of German Internet users access the E-Government compared with Sweden (69 percent), Austria (68 percent) and Britain (48 percent). So on this analysis, Germany is in a worse position to the UK, whilst we both in awe of our Austrian and Swedish neighbours.

The obstacles that prevent the use of e-Government services are varied, but are similar in all the countries compared, particularly the lack of privacy. Added to that the lack of transparency of the offerings and the complex processes. With scores in Germany of 52 percent for lack of data security and 55 percent for the incomplete implementation of online services, Internet users, especially in Germany see usage barriers.

Whilst the impression that we marginally lead Germany according to this study, the massive lag behind Sweden and Austria must demonstrate something. One wonders if this is more to do with culture and politics than actually with the services being delivered electronically? Or is it that we have made them deliberately hard to use for our citizens?


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