Public Information Management

A paper that was due to be presented at the European Group of Public Administration Annual Conference in Bucharest 7th – 10th September 2011 is entitled ‘From e-Government to Public Information Management – The Maturity and Future of Information Management in Local Governments’. The paper is by Kauraholme, Syvajarvi & Stenvall of the University of Lapland in Finland. The paper focuses on a vaguely defined concept of ‘public information management’ without any mention of the citizen or customer. It also manages to seemingly pluck the concept of ‘e-Government 3.0’ from nowhere without reference to ‘e-Government’ or ‘e-Government 2.0’.

The framework regarding ‘public information management’ in Appendix 1 has some potential use in the realm of ICT management , but I’m concerned that a paper apparently claiming to be about e-government, builds upon it with seeing that e-government needs to be viewed from the outside inwards. I agree that we need to get the infrastructure and architecture right across the board, and I wrote a paper in 2001 (Phythian, M.J and Taylor W.G.K., “Progress in electronic service delivery by English District Councils”, The International Journal of Public Sector Management, Vol. 14 No. 7), where partnerships were identified as a clear necessity for progress in e-government. However, even in 2011, too many e-government strategies are viewed around the implementation of technology, rather than the improvement of services from the citizen’s focus – as a result they will never achieve optimum usage or the return on investment expected.


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