Critically acclaimed

The latest critique of government computing is hot off the press (27 July 2011), coming a day before the PASC report on Government and IT (28 July 2011). The report from the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) is entitled “System reset – transforming public services through IT“, an 864Kb PDF. Much of the comment is similar to that which has been talked about at the Public Accounts Committee and Public Administration Committee and possibly every other similar report this century.

My favourites from the top ten –

Number 1 – customers should specify the outcome!

Number 2 – agree what to measure at the start and do it

Number 4 – standardise…

Number 5 – let staff design and get their buy-in

Number 8 – “More consideration  should be given to isolating IT projects from political and organizational change.”

Number 10 – “Don’t let security paranoia hinder effective working” –

All so true and so well-known, and all cultural!


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