Really open government

When Iceland wanted to update its constitution it turned to crowdsourcing. The country wants to update a constitution dating all the way back to independence from Denmark around 1944 and it has turned to the web to consult its citizens. The site even has an English language option. In the words of the team involved the exercise is “in the spirit of constructive and positive co-operation with full regard for principles of non-discrimination, intending to use judicious discussion and objective criticism to achieve a consensus, rather than force of vote”.

I don’t often thank the US Republican Party for anything, but FrumForum edited by David Frum, which is one of their supporting sites lead me to this amazing story that I hadn’t found much elsewhere apart from a short piece in the Guardian on the 9th June. I would have thought the open government crowd, including the UK Coalition, would have been making more of this…


2 Responses to Really open government

  1. […] Crowdsourcing für einen konstitutionellen Neuanfang in Island: Wie Islands Regierung nach der Finanzkrise die Möglichkeiten von Sozial Media nutzt um Vertrauen und neue Ideen durch seine Bürger zu gewinnen. Einige reden dabei von von echtem Open Governmen. […]

  2. […] Islands Regierung nutzt nach der Finanzkrise die Möglichkeiten von Social Media um Vertrauen und neue Ideen seiner Bürger zu gewinnen. Der Inselstaat lässt seine Bürger online bei der Ausarbeitung einer neuen Verfassung mitarbeiten. Einige reden dabei von echtem Open Government. […]

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