EU targets

On 27 May 2011 the Council of the EU adopted conclusions on the European eGovernment action plan for the period 2011-2015. As discussed in the We government post in December 2012, the aim of the action plan is to promote the take-up of eGovernment  services at local, regional and EU level, in order to make them more accessible and available for citizens and businesses throughout the EU, regardless of their country of origin.

The intention is for it to be much easier for people to apply for and access social security and health benefits, transfer pension rights from one EU state to another or study anywhere in the Europe.

The good point of the decision is that under the action plan, users will participate in shaping online public services in order to ensure that those facilities are best suited to their needs.

However, we are back to targets again and the action plan aims to increase the use of eGovernment services to 50 % of EU citizens and 80 % of EU businesses by 2015, strange when most of the Lisbon Treaty countries are supposed to be well past that by now!

The report is on the Consilium website.


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