Channel manoeuvres

There are two two very recent publications that focus on service channel management in the UK public sector. One from Deloitte is publicly available – Choosing Fewer Channels, the other from Socitm* is available only to subscribers, but in fact is a 20 page compilation of their two other recent reports, Better Served and Better Connected 2011. Interestingly Deloitte are supporting the Local CIO Council*, which was set up through Socitm, and their report does mention Surrey CC as an exemplar, which is also done in the Socitm one. However, the Deloitte report largely focuses upon those processes in central government, but still manages to project some relevance for the whole of the public sector.

Socitm is now targeting the management of customer channels being brought together, which may be a cultural change too far for some councils. My personal belief is that while this can be desirable, it is not a pre-requisite for successful multi-channel delivery. What is necessary is the comparative measurement and subsequent improvement of all citizen-facing channels. The Deloitte report does no go as far as pushing for this, but by default has to be a requirement of their proposals.

Two proposals in the Deloitte report that come over strongly are from page 10 where it states:

“Put user centric design at the heart of any move online so that the service is built from the customer’s perspective to be intuitive and quick to use”, along with “invest effort in building consensus around transactions that cut across bodies, and particularly those that transect Local and Central Government, where political and social barriers to cooperation have historically been a barrier to transformation”.

Now I wonder if either of those were taken account in the development of the recently launched

*Interest declared, I’m a member of both.


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