Digital Deca

Not sure I like the title, it sounds more like a reggae artist but thanks go Michele Bartram for posting a link on GovLoop to an excellent little e-book. The book entitled “The Digital Deca: 10 Management Truths for the Web Age” is by Lisa Welchman of Welchman Pierpoint web governance consulting.

It points out in a simple manner many of the things we are constantly trying to get across to service and senior managers. Well designed, too!


One Response to Digital Deca

  1. A reader pointed out –

    for those of us stuck behind a digital wall of mistrust, the link you posted on your blog is blocked by Websense under Personal Network Storage and Backup:

    Google quickly throws up alternatives though, e.g:

    Click to access Digital_Deca_eBook.pdf

    Always good to read your blog. Although I’ve moved on from working on our LA’s website, I’m still surveying the landscape by reading treasures such as SOCITM’s “Better served: Customer access, efficiency and channel shift”. It’s…. it’s…. Nope, I just can’t find the words. I sometimes wish I’d never read any John Seddon and still lived in a blissful world of aspiration over evidence.

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