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Managed to catch Radio 4’s Click On program on Monday 28th March 2011. There was an item about the failure to date of crowdsourcing, not just in the UK where the government having made a big thing about it post-election, now seems to have dropped its use.

The one successful use mentioned was in New York, but in national government both sides of the Atlantic, it has turned out to be a bit of a joke. It would appear that many politicians don’t like the results it throws up!


2 Responses to Click on

  1. Ben Fairweather says:

    Somebody, somewhere on this blog, ought to acknowledge its author’s achievement in completing a part-time PhD in less than four years. If you are going to keep your readers in the dark, Mick, I will have to do what I can to let them know.

    Well done, Mick: it was a superb achievement on your part, and it was a pleasure to be your supervisor.

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