Courtesy of O’Reilly Radar comes an interesting interview with the Deputy Mayor of New York on the topic of  e-government. Whist I have always struggled to find some Definition of Gov 2.0, the aforesaid Deputy Mayor, Steven Goldsmith, comes up with a solution taking us from 0 through 0.5, up to 2.0 – very neat.

His claim to have been involved in e-government for decades seemed rather like hubris, it having been a concept for little more than a decade! However, where  the piece shines is the emphasis on geo-coding and QR coding, that need to be developed more in the public sector. With the requirement for savings in the UK, improving service delivery is seen as an afterthought, whilst in reality making services better should improve channel shift.

A lot of political confidence underpins this piece, but if some of the tools can assist NYC citizens, good luck to Goldsmith!


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