Measuring and Capturing Value of Government Communication

Steve Ressler and Scott Burns have made available an interesting presentation they did on the topic of ‘measuring and capturing the value of government communications’ at a GovDelivery event. As one would hope the presentation is focused upon outcomes and presses that button rather than the forced channel shift we are hearing so much about in the UK.

In the UK some central government agencies, along with a few local authorities, are now using GovDelivery to assist with their communications. I’m not sure in these days of budget cuts and less than 100% Internet use that this product is the be-all and end-all but recognising that people, not technology, are the ultimate target of government services is a welcome relief!


2 Responses to Measuring and Capturing Value of Government Communication

  1. Scott Burns says:


    Thank you for the feedback. I hope you’ve been able to engage on as well as your perspective would be really useful to the people participating there.

    Helping government raise its ability to drive real value (for the citizen and the government itself) from communicating with and engaging the public has been the focus of my life for the past 10 years.

    Anyone interested in our work in the UK should follow @govdeliveryuk on twitter.

    The presentation you describe above can be seen online after signing up here:

    (it’s much better if you can see our smiling faces)

    We’ve also done some writing recently regarding the Big Society concept.

  2. ohcornelius says:

    Scott Burns is great – love his column in the DMN

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