Social media and councils – the point is?

As usual, thanks to Nic Streatfeild for keeping me up-to-date with UK Councils Social Media Reputation Index – December 2010. Living where I do and seeing some of the ‘tweets’, I now realise why some of the scores are as high as they are! If you Twitter, you will score – it doesn’t matter that what you send out is entirely irrelevant to your population, it’s of no account that you are diluting the twittersphere with near-drivel, the ‘tweets’ add to your score!

In the world of spin, the more press releases one gets to the media and the more they publish, the higher one’s estimation can sometimes be (if only in ‘spin’world). Publishing social media releases for the sake of it, is just the e-extension of that somewhat cynical world.

I hope I know ROL and Nic well enough to realise that is not the intention, it’s just that in my opinion high scoring doesn’t necessarily mean good citizen engagement…


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