Happy New Year

Andrea di Maio’s summary of 2010 is a presentation of his best of 2010 in reverse order. As well as providing us with an opportunity to pat ourselves on the back, both as local government CIO’s and government employees (I won’t mention the fact that he never mentions the UK, where I saw him in London!), he does remind us of the hot topics spilling over into 2011.

The EU Action Plan rates 10, which is possibly pushing things! Next came US ‘open government’, then the IT developer ‘mob’, government in the public cloud, government CIO’s, Australia’s Kate Lundy, Washington DC’s digital divide strategy, the OMB 25 point plan, GSA approach to social media & cloud and at number one government employees. I’ll have to agree with a comment from Sebastian that it is US-focused, which is apparent from the list, but I guess that’s the Gartner income stream talking. As I’ve expressed here before I have doubts about anyone following the US lead, since they’ve proved misguided in the past, even with Gartner advice, and I’d frequently put my money on their neighbour Canada being a better role model!

A Happy New Year, and I hope that hard times will introduce a logical and citizen-focused approach to e-government.


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