The government IT strategy awaits…

Doing some Googling for anything leaked about the long awaited (12 months or more?) government IT strategy, I fell over the fact that the Public Administration Select Committee (PASC) has launched an inquiry on the 17th December, into the way in which government develops and implements technology policy ! The PASC has issued a call for written evidence!

I suspect this means an even longer wait for the IT strategy! Looking on the Cabinet Office web site for the original IT Strategy came up with a 404 error – page not found…

Concerns increased when reading the linked “Issues & Questions Paper“, with all its talk of IT in a “post-bureaucratic age” and “age of austerity”. I’ve written a couple of posts about the nonsense of post-bureaucracy, including this one, but the adoption of such clear political dogma in an issues & questions paper about ICT strategy should generate concerns through the industry.

Coming as it does on the run-up to Christmas, and with responses expected by the 21 January 2011, there isn’t a great deal of time to think about it – but please do!


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