An inaccessible world?

Following up on a number of other posts I’ve made regarding website accessibility I’d  like to offer some research by Joanne Kuzma* of the University of Worcester which has been made available through The paper entitled Global E-government Web Accessibility: A Case Study emphasises why even here in the UK we cannot lie back on our accessibility laurels, since we still make basic mistakes.

One of the key errors is the lack of a text equivalent against graphics on web sites whichI must identify on a regular basis on numerous web sites, the owners of which should know better, especially when it’s easily corrected.

* I had the pleasure of meeting Joanne at ECEG 2009 where we were both presenting papers


One Response to An inaccessible world?

  1. lenand says:

    It’s also worth re-publicising that on November 30th the BSI Launched BS 8878:2010 Web accessibility. Code of practice. It provides a comprehensive definition of what is required, including a 16 step process for creating accessible web products.

    There’s short bit on Quarkside ( too.

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