A change man

One of the better presentations on change management I’ve seen, although not particularly praiseworthy for the design, was revealed by E-government Bulletin recently. The presentation was by Professor Jim Norton to PITCOM on the 3rd November 2010.

Concluding the presentation, Professor Norton presents his final thoughts as:

  • “Avoid being the first or the largest.
  • Plan and budget the whole business change, not just the IT.
  • Manage the technical specifications professionally, avoiding unnecessary changes
  • Employ competent suppliers.
  • Ensure that any conflicting objectives between the stakeholders are resolved before the technology sub-project starts…”

From my own experience the second is one of the most important. It’s still not recognised by some parties, including governments old and new, that change revolves around people, and they are the ones that perhaps have to change the most!


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