Another lesson from Canada

Are any local government officers  out there happy with the process they went through getting the EU Services Directive working? Now that BERR has gone or been absorbed in to BIS, the whole sorry history appears to have been archived!

However, in Canada they took a differing approach and with a public-private partnership that appears to have worked we have Biz-Pal! I learned all this from an article in the Montreal Gazette!

One particularly interesting set of facts in that piece is the comparative costs of service delivery over different channels in Canada. So, if someone wants to do a bit of currency juggling they might prove interesting? That is if they didn’t get them from Tameside or Socitm in the first place?

Here’s the figures just in case they start archiving, as well as BERR –

“A 2008 study found that the average delivery cost of face-to-face transactions was $44 in Ontario. The same exchange by mail or fax costs $38, and by phone is $8. When the transaction is conducted online, the cost falls to slightly over one dollar.”

Ontario sounds to have had a much more successful venture than the English one!


One Response to Another lesson from Canada

  1. Andy Oddy says:

    ROTFL at potential sources of their channel costs data 😀

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