Getting customer focused

Dubai is the latest country asking its citizen and customers what they like and don’t like in their e-government provision, according  to

The survey is available on the country’s website. However, in this case, it did take me while to find the button for the English site, since the default is in Arabic. The English one is actually here. It also took me a while to spot the survey, with a lot of Java dancing about the home page, but that might also be the way I personally browse web sites, expecting certain things in certain places…

I think it’s great they’re surveying their users to find what they like and don’t like about the country’s e-services, but as a foreigner not entitled to do the study, could I ask about accessibility? There doesn’t seem any compliance with W3C accessibility guidance? A lot of the ALT-tags seemed pretty irrelevant and the Java did my head in.

Good try, but aren’t there any users with access issues in Dubai or does the Arabic site resolve all that?


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