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To date, I don’t believe I’ve offered a link to Political Innovation, the excellent series of essays on matters of improving public service delivery and the politics that surround it. In fact it’s a lot more than that it’s an opportunity to posit a potential solution before an audience of interested people and get it considered. The prize may be that it actually becomes a reality or gets that bit nearer it!

In their own words, so I get it right, it’s –

New ideas to change politics

The Political Innovation project is a cashless incubator. We want to use the distributed intelligence of the blogosphere to help sharpen some great ideas about how politics can change. And then, we want to help them find the cash / collaborative help they need to succeed.

1. Tell us what your idea is
we’ll get it published and widely circulated on some of the top political websites and blogs. You can see the ideas published so far here.

2. Bring it to our events
– see if you can get useful feedback. Or find collaborators, sponsors, customers or investors. Events take place in Edinburgh, Belfast and London (tbc). We’d love to hold events elsewhere if we can find a host.

3. Bring it to our Political Investors event in London
– in association with the Institute for Government. Details to be announced shortly.

We’re looking for political innovations that can work. We’re here to help innovators realise their plans – to help them find the sponsors, customers, collaborators or partners that they will need to get their ideas off the ground.

What we want from you

  • Write a post – no longer than 400-600 words (more readers get to the end of shorter ones) – outlining a political innovation that you would like to promote
  • Send it to us with a note saying that you’re prepared to have it published on Slugger O’Toole and any other political blogs that Slugger agrees to co-operate with on this project. Also confirm that you’re happy for it to be included in any subsequent publications
  • prepare to promote your idea at the regional participative events that we are promoting in the autumn
  • hone your pitch so that you can seek real support from senior politicians and civil servants

What we are offering in return

We hope we can raise the profile of your idea, raise your profile as a writer and thinker, get high volume and high quality feedback (will endeavour to ensure that your event is amply reported and we’ll go to some lengths to get your idea talked about – both on the day and online before / after the event.

Personally, whilst reading them, most of the ideas have  ‘grabbed’ me, but I’ve been lax in submitting something of my own, what  with academic work, day job and the subsidence of the family home occupying my time, however the latest post is so near my own opinions I might just have to get 600 words together…


Don’t forget to vote for the Great E-mancipator

You might also like to donate on Computer Weekly’s Twitter & Bloggers Charity Challenge page



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