Stumbling around the Internet, as I sometimes find myself doing, I fell into OASIS which describes itself as “an international, not-for-profit consortium that drives the development, convergence and adoption of open standards for the global information society”. More interestingly for this blogger they have an e-gov section!

One of the documents within the e-gov section is entitled “Avoiding the Pitfalls of eGovernment- 10 lessons learnt from eGovernment deployments“, which was only published in April 2010 and reads like the risk log of many projects I’ve been involved in, and so is potentially quite useful! Similarly there is a report on FLOSS, or open source software.

Whilst the coalition government appears to have gone cold over the topic of open source, a few of its protegés having published papers on the topic earlier, if we are to make revenue savings, these logically should be at the expense of many of the costly commercial products we currently use, for example content management systems, database applications and even desktop applications. I know the pros and cons, and the increased support and development requirement for open source, but if this was done centrally, by the private sector, or in large partnerships the issue may be resolved?

There have been numerous attempts to demonstrate the viability of such platforms, including APLAWS, but I don’t believe they’ve still made a sustainable push into the market, so now is perhaps a good time? In fact, a very good time!


2 Responses to OASIS

  1. acareo says:

    Couldn’t agree more on the open source route Mick – just need some good partnership members willing to put their developer resources into the “common pot” and allow them to work across organisational boundaries for the good of all.

  2. lenand says:

    Well said Mick. Could you push it through your SOCITM network?

    Commisionning open source applications by consortia of LAs makes sense to me. Perhaps it needs some standard T&Cs that would help the procurement process.

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