Social skeptics

As a post here from March 2008 demonstrates I was considering ‘social capital’ amongst the metrics in my research. At that time I obviously hadn’t fallen over Professor Ben Fine from SOAS, who for a number of years has been critical of the concept. It was only when reading a review of his latest book “Theories of Social Capital Researchers Behaving Badly“, that I became glad that I hadn’t followed that route too far, finding as I did, the concept rather ineffable.

Searching further in the realm of “social capital” I also discovered a whole web site devoted to it from the University of Sienna. Probably not reading for the average ICT Manager but maybe of interest to those examining reasons for using the Internet and social media?

Measure for measure, I am still promoting (dis)satisfaction with individual transactions as the primary indicator of how successful delivery over a channel is, and with longitudinal recording of usage the way to monitor channel shift. There are a number of tools to help with that, and those I know about are on my list on the home page, but the primary outcome is culture change in acting upon the feedback. Do that and one will have transformed service delivery.


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