ID cards

On Newsweek’s web site appeared an article (16 August 2010) Your Pass to Good Government . This was a report of, primarily, Estonia’s very laudable success with e-government. How does the article describe this being facilitated? With their bar-coded ID card, of course!

The question of citizen identity verification in the UK will remain a difficult one now that the national ID card scheme has been binned, however for some services being able to confirm the ID of an applicant is very important and the passport takes on an alternative use. According to one recent Socitm report more than 70% of the UK population have a passport – I’m not sure whether this is a UK passport, but it is some kind of identity paper. It has been proposed that a start could be made in employing them as the ID card. In fact, with the introduction of the new, even more secure UK passport in October, this becomes a more likely possibility.

Is this moral, justifiable and what about the other 30%?

Interestingly a related matter is picked up on in the NO2ID Supporters’ Newsletter No. 156 26 August 2010, where the relationship between the identity card and the transformational government strategy is picked up.


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