Gov 2.0 strikes again

A new publication by KPMG encourages the use of Web 2.0 technologies as the solution for a range of issues. The report entitled “Dynamic Technologies for Smarter Government” is 32 pages of glossiness.

I’m not sure if the proposals are much to do with Web 2.0, although doing what they suggest would probably more easily create a platform for it than otherwise.

The first step is to make ones processes lean. This is followed by rationalising the applications use and having an enterprise architecture. Thirdly look at the external architecture and solve the security problems. The fourth step is change the organization and look beyond that to other organizations for assistance (along with piloting projects).

Despite being wrapped in gloss and long words the above steps are pretty obvious and topics being handled pretty well at all the local government IT and CIO meetings I’ve been to in the last few years. However, as it stands in local government IT has little power for the cultural and organizational changes suggested, although putting in the infrastructure through national networks and clouds should facilitate this.

Well done KPMG, nothing glaringly silly in this that we aren’t on with already!


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