The maturing Internet

A new report from UKOM, the UK Online Measurement Company – which is powered by Nielsen, announces people over 50 years of age were responsible for much of the growth in Internet usage over the last year. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of government website usage, but I imagine government, if it’s paying for tools to measure usage, is probably using ones other than those produced by Nielsen.

There’s no real surprises in the sites being visited either, with holidays and family history picking up the majority of visitors. The press release itself has comparative data by age and gender for Internet usage which is quite useful in itself, but elsewhere on the site is also a Powerpoint presentation of Internet usage trends dated May 2010. This covers regional use, the different categories by time of day, along with categories (again, no mention of government!)

Some of the data indicates quite a heavy usage of Facebook and social media with peak usage at 4:00 until 5:00 (they can’t all be schoolchildren can they?) It also shows the bias to London and social class ABC1. One main area demonstrated is that the main online tool is Google, which makes me wonder if we are in a constant search for information, without a target rationale?


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