The opening of Australia

Conveniently in time for the election, the Australian government has launched its Declaration of Open Government. A number of the comments below the posting are far more cynical than my linking it with the election announcement, although many are clearly supportive. However, as one commentator notes, what is the point in labelling it as an initiative of the Gillard government (which has only existed a matter of weeks) if the intention is to make it open and participative?

The declaration is to be applauded, but what are the next steps in increasing public involvement in government? The move from representative to participatory democracy is not an easy one, or is this just a gesture towards participation, without any real change? Australia has a history of being pro-active in e-government terms, although this may not have been for democratic purposes, if Paul Henman is to be believed.

The election result and follow through may prove interesting.


One Response to The opening of Australia

  1. Rob C says:

    Hi Paul

    Good post. I ask similar questions myself, and do believe there’s departments out there that genuinely want to engage…and not just in a token or half-baked way. That said, I Think it’s an issue of wholesale cultural shift in government, and a sustained ‘fear management’ regime.

    I’ve just written a piece at which I’d appreciate your comment on.

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