Holiday reading

If you are short of a few PDF’s to exercise the brain cells during the long wet summer, take a look at the web site of the 2020 Public Services Trust. The month of June has seen an influx of reports including:

The Future of Joined-up Public Services by Patrick Dunleavy

Reflections on Public Service Reform in a Cold Fiscal Climate by Christopher Hood

Targets, choice and voice: accountability in public services by Deborah Wilson

Citizen engagement: testing policy ideas for public service reform by the JRF and DCLG Empowerment Fund

There are many more, and probably further papers in the pipeline.

As to personal comments I’m a little surprised that an enlightened academic like Professor Dunleavy still uses the expression “mentally and physically handicapped people”, I presume the social model of disability hasn’t reached the LSE yet…I pray that he never writes a paper on the accessibility issues around modern mechanisms of service delivery. Other than that the paper is rather similar in proposing ‘Digital Era Governance’ to his 2008 book on the same topic.


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