Scots wae hae

Less of a Robert Burns rant than a tribute to our colleagues in Scotland who have developed a united front on citizen satisfaction. OK, they still insist on calling those that public services deal with “customers”, but at least they’re focused in on their satisfaction, as I’ve reported before on satisfaction in June 2008 and later in November 2008.

On the 9th June the Improvement Service with Customer Focus Scotland and the Local Authorities Research & Intelligence Association launched the  Customer Service Measurement Tool at COSLA in Edinburgh. The event was reported on in The Scotsman newspaper the following day.

I can’t say much more since the Community of Practice at IDeA is restricted to Scottish public bodies, which is fair enough, but it apparently will help to:

  • Measure customer satisfaction in a consistent, robust and comparable way
  • Target resources where improvements are needed
  • Support intelligent benchmarking
  • Provide robust and credible evidence to scrutiny bodies
  • Save time and money on developing your own survey solution
  • This is done using:

    • Full questionnaire: 22 scaled questions & 1 open-ended question
    • Abbreviated questionnaire: 12 scaled questions & 3 open-ended questions
    • Delivery; Timeliness; Information; Professionalism; Staff Attitude; Satisfaction

    A bit over complex for my tastes but all the same –

    Well done Scotland.


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