Who leads Gov 2.0

David Osimo,  who has been mentioned here before as a colleague of Professor Paul Foley, has made an interesting observation or two on his blog – Benchmrking e-government – web 2.0. The first is that e-government or Gov 1.0 was techie-led and hence failed for that reason. He is concerned that what he describes as policy wonks lead Gov 2.0 and it will fail due to them not being the general population. His big hope seems to be that the techies, wonks and hippies will take over the world.

I think I have to disappoint David, the world is full of Bart Simpsons and we have to create tools that they will want to use. Failing that we still have to employ the channels that Barts want to use.

In fact, I see the outcome as a combination of both and there will still be a big chunk of people out there who won’t, can’t or don’t.


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